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Rolex GMT Guimet Circle – A collision of function and fashion

Rolex represents superior craftsmanship and a high quality lifestyle in the minds of many people. In my mind, the 116710BLNR Guomi Circle, also known as the Batman, successfully combines gmt Dual Time with stylish design and is one of Rolex’s masterpieces!

The Replica Rolex GMT Kokomie Circle is equipped with a 3285 movement with Chronergy escapement and a power reserve of approximately 70 hours, as well as a Parachrom hairspring to help resist the effects of impact and temperature changes.

The black and blue bezel of the Kokomie Circle is not only classic and durable, but also provides a practical solution for cross-time zone travelers like myself. The usual hour, minute and second hands inside the dial are the local time, while the additional blue hand is the hour hand of the second location. The blue hands and the 24-hour markers on the bezel enable one to quickly and easily determine the time in different time zones. And, thanks to the scratch-resistant ceramic material used by Rolex, the bezel is able to maintain its new appearance with ease.

Daily hands-on photos

Before I actually put it on, I personally thought the five-bead bracelet was more aesthetically pleasing. But once I actually put the Oyster bracelet on, I understood why so many people are after the batman, not the batgirl. the Oyster bracelet is made of stainless steel, which is both strong and comfortable to wear. Its Oyster locking clasp adds extra security and ensures that the watch stays in place on the wrist. The extension clasp, on the other hand, makes it easy for one to adjust the tightness in a small area. Unlike the Blackwater Ghost’s frosted face, the surface of the strap on the Kokomie Circle has been polished to a glossy finish, which is more visible and nice, but also becomes more prone to scratches.

Last but not least, I also got a Rolex exclusive leather card case with sales. This card case does not have any Rolex logo from the surface, but in the inner lining there is a hot-stamped ROLEX logo, which gives people a joy that only people who know the trade can know.

I hope this year I can mention my dream watch soon – the Daytona! I also hope that all of you can do all the things you want!

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A late spring encounter: the new Rolex InterGold Tan One (124273)

After a few heavy snowfalls at the start of spring in the capital, the temperature has quickly warmed up. With the spring in full swing comes the urge for friends to make plans for spring. Coincidentally, I was discussing travel plans with my friends. I received a message from my counter sister: a new Makuhimo Tanichi has arrived, would you like to consider it?

I then passed the message on to my best friend, who immediately said that he was thinking of travelling in the spring and wanted a new watch with the same theme, so I decided to take it. However, considering that my friend was still in home isolation, I went to the counter to pick up the watch on his behalf.

Before I left, I had a quick look at the official website to learn more about the Tangyi.

It turns out that the Tan One has undergone an update in April 2021. The diameter of the watch was reduced from 39mm to 36mm, making it more suitable for wrists of up to 16cm in circumference.

On actual hands, I found that.

  1. the 36mm diameter is not as small as expected, and it fits perfectly with a wrist circumference of 16cm.
  2. the interval gold is not as “rustic” as expected, and the overall colour scheme is quite harmonious.
    3, black dial, or more complementary to the dial elements, and does not lead to visual monotony.

After all, it was a special occasion, so the process of lifting the watch was quick, 15 minutes.

After returning, I had to play with it carefully and take a set of pictures].
A photo of the unboxing.

A set of details.
The black dial, with the K gold bezel, is still very harmonious.

The gold bracelet and clasp are really good value initially, but as you wear it over time, the hairline will soon be all over the K-gold part. Cherish this brand new moment.

Perhaps the design of the movement of the Tangyi does not take into account the rotating bit of the handle, so it is not vertically aligned.

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The Rolex Skywalker

On Saturday, after dropping off the kids at school, I had two hours of free time, and the Queen wanted to go to the mall to buy some food and then rest in the car, so I casually found a coffee shop to sit in, and after I got my coffee, the Queen insisted on leaving, saying that shopping costs money, so I headed for the lift. This is not, the door is the Rao’s boutique, thinking that there is nothing anyway, or go in to see , may be the problem of the epidemic, the counter table

There were still several watches on the counter, two gold GMTs, three logs, and a voyager.

I had picked one of the Logicians and the King of Ghosts a year ago, and I was still thinking about it. I couldn’t afford a full gold model, so I took a step back and bought an inter-gold model.

The Zongtong is an elegant watch designed for globetrotters that displays the time in two time zones simultaneously and is equipped with an annual calendar. 24-hour off-axis dials indicate the time at the place of departure and a central hand indicates the time at the location. The annual calendar device, called the Saros system, automatically distinguishes between 30- and 31-day months. This innovative device, operated by a patented system, displays the annual calendar in a revolutionary way: the month is indicated by 12 month windows around the dial and the current month is marked in red. The instantaneous calendar changes with the local time.